5. The Importance of Goal Setting

The Importance of Goal Setting

Goal setting can provide an individual with focus, increase their motivation, and overall be an effective way to ensure success. Goals may be set regarding the future, such as career-orientated goals or related to the present in terms of academics, health, and physical activity. Regardless of what your goals may be, it is important to understand the different types of goals, how to set goals, and how to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Understanding the Types of Goals

Goals can be categorized based on their length and limit.

  • Short-term – goals which typically take no more than a year to accomplish. These can often be building blocks to help achieve long-term goals.
  • Long-term – goals which are set for the future. This may be over a year or several years. Examples of long-term goals often involve career, family, and overall lifestyle.
  • Rigid – goals that are locked in place and time and cannot be changed.
  • Flexible – goals that can be changed, shifted, or altered.


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