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4. Fundamentals – Shooting


  • When shooting, players should maintain a base that is relatively shoulder width apart. Players, especially beginners, should practice shooting the ball on balance.
  • A player’s dominant hand should be placed on the majority of the ball, with the fingertips rolling off the ridges. The player’s non-dominant hand should be used as a supporting/guiding hand during the shot.
  • When shooting, keep the elbow of the dominant hand pointed toward the target and focus on bending your knees and moving the ball to the shot position in a fluid manner.
  • As the ball is rolling off the fingertips of the dominant hand, make sure to follow through after the ball has left your hand to put spin on the ball and ensure that it travels in the proper direction (the backspin on the basketball allows the ball to land more softly around the basketball rim).

Watch the instructional video on the correct shooting technique 


Watch the instructional video on how to perform a lay-up 


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