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2. Fundamentals – Passing

Basketball is a very mental and physical game. You need to develop the fundamentals and mental ability to see yourself performing well. Ideally, fundamentals will help you to eventually perform the motor movements with some level of automaticity, while adopting your playing strategy/style to the rules.

Read through each of the topics below to better understand helpful fundamentals for your next game.


  • Bounce Pass: the ball bounces on the floor, typically midway between the passer and receiving player. Used effectively when defenders have their hands in the air.
  • Chest Pass: the power for this pass originates from the chest. With elbows out, grip the ball on both sides and push forward with your arms from your chest. Used to make longer passes or passes with increased velocity.
  • Overhead Pass: Placing both hands on the sides of the ball, extend your arms over your head with the ball and throw forward, with a follow through. This type of pass is typically used as an outlet pass. An outlet pass is made after a ball is rebounded, and the ball is thrown by the rebounder to a teammate further down the court.

Watch the instructional videos of the different types of passes in basketball

Chest Pass

Bounce Pass

Overhead Pass

Step-Through Pass


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