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6. Clothing

In order to safely participate in any outdoor activity, proper clothing is imperative.

1. Layering: Layering refers to the method of using multiple clothing layers to adjust one’s clothing to the changing conditions one finds in the outdoors. There are three types of layers: the base layer for managing moisture, the middle layer to retain body heat, and the outer layer for weather protection. Click on the links below to find out more information on layering up for your outdoor adventure.
Learn the basics of the layering system by REI

2. Rainwear: As the final “layer” in the layering system described above, the rain layer is important for keeping one dry and warm.

Click HERE to discover how to choose the right rain layer for your trip by REI!

3. Footwear: Equally important to layering is wearing proper footwear. After all, the feet are your primary means of transport while backpacking. Paying particular attention to your socks and footwear is key. Check out the links below to learn some helpful tips when considering your footwear for the outdoors.
Choosing the right socks by REI
How to break in hiking boots by REI


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