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7. Application Assignments


  • Use tracking app/Google Maps/Bing/other app or site to create day hiking route around UGA’s Campus, Athens, or UGA Botanical Garden. Pick a friend and choose several points to hike around the city (examples: Lake Herrick trails, Local parks in Athens, etc). Use a free fitness app to create a map of your hike. Submit: a picture, list of points, and screenshot of the route in the Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC)
  • Download the AllTrails app, take a look through their collection of trails, pick one, and complete the trail. Submit: a screenshot from the app of the completed trail, a picture while completing a trail, and a paragraph reflection of your experience in the Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC)
  • The LNT provides seven principles to minimize the impact when visiting the outdoors. During either one of the class trips or your own personal hike, provide evidence of adhering to a minimum of three out of the seven principles. Submit: picture evidence and a detailed description of how you followed the principles in the Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC) 


  • Sign up for an REI local adventure www.rei.comSubmit: a receipt/picture and reflection in the Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC)

Additional course-related opportunities need approval and can be proposed to the instructor.


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