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2. Campsite Selection

What is the best way to determine a proper campsite for my outdoor adventure?
The most important factor to consider is the proximity to water.  More specifically, as suggested by the REI you should pick a spot that is at least 200ft away from the water or the trail. Check out the link below to discover more considerations of how to choose the right campsite! How to choose a proper campsite by REI

What are some good tips in setting up my campsite?
The “Bear-muda triangle” is general guideline for setting up your group’s tent site, food storage (bear hang), and kitchen areas of your campsite.

Bear camping requirements with distances
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What are some tips for building a campfire?
It is important to note that not every fire is built the same. However, to build a successful fire the three types of fuel you will need are: tinder, kindling, and firewood. Once these have been gathered you have three options to build the fire: the cone, the log cabin, or the pyramid. To watch and read more about building a campfire, checkout how to build a campfire by REI. 


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