4. Engagement

While some of you may see this course as merely another requirement to graduate, we challenge you to view your physical activity course as a medium which can have a significant impact on the rest of your life. This requires you to be actively engaged and participate – on a regular and consistent basis– in your PE course. Consistent engagement and participation ensures that you will develop the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective skills necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Part of that challenge requires us, as educators and instructors, to provide an informative and practical curriculum for you to learn. And, we are always open to your feedback. In fact, your feedback in previous years/semesters encouraged us to transform the curriculum into one that is more relevant and practical and that optimized the use of Open Education Resources and becomes an Open Educational Resource for you.

The ultimate purpose of this PEDB course is to graduate you from a lower level of physical activity to Level 5. 

Read through the following levels below, and identify your current level.

  • LEVEL 1: Student has no or minimal past experiences with physical activity
  • LEVEL 2: Student cognitively understands what it takes to perform a physical activity properly, and begins to show signs of physically performing the activity correctly
  • LEVEL 3: Student begins to make connections with practice at the classroom level and attempts to transfer his/her skills outside the classroom, while adhering to the rules and traditions of the activity
  • LEVEL 4: Student sees activity as a social activity, which can be engaged in with friends, family, or coworkers for recreational purposes
  • LEVEL 5: Student views activity as a medium to ultimately enhance their level of physical activity, providing an opportunity to impact others and sustain a healthy level of exercise for the duration of his/her life

What’s Your Current Level?  Regardless of your current level, we hope to come alongside you and help you reach a higher level. If you feel that you are already at Level 5, we hope to diversify your experiences and knowledge of a particular physical activity.


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