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2. Rules

Golf has many intricate rules and regulations. Whether you fully immerse yourself in the sport of golf, or participate in golf during business outings, the United States Golf Association’s (USGA) information on the Rules and Definitions will definitely be beneficial to you.

The Game: Learn about the USGA Official Rules of Golf.

Definitions: Check out Play Golf America’s Golf Terms and Definitions guide to learn common golf jargon and definitions!

UGA Driving Range Rules

  • Return the club to the original bag. If a student borrowed a club, then they must return the club to the bag where they borrowed it from.
  • Return the bag to the original spot. If a student borrowed a whole bag, then they must return the bag to the original spot.
  • Grab a bucket that is full from the shelf and go out to the practice greens (practice short game).
  • Check the putting/chipping schedule on the wall before going to practice short game. Some days, students are allowed only to use the putting green (left green) and the other days, they are allowed to use the chipping green (right green).
  • After practice, leave no ball on the mats, putting green, and chipping green. Pick the balls up.
  • When going out to the mats, use the back door only.
  • PE golf students are allowed to hit on the mats only. Do not hit the balls from the grass.
  • After the class, fill up the bucket and put on the shelf for the students in the next class.
  • On rainy days or wet days, check with the front desk staff, how many balls the students can use for that day (e.g., 1 bucket) because the tractor cannot go into the driving range.
  • Appropriate golf attire is required.

UGA Golf Course

You can find a .pdf file of the UGA golf course to save or print for your future reference by clicking HERE (file shared with permission from Matt Peterson – UGA Golf Course).


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