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7. Concepts

Golf General Concepts

There are three factors to keep in mind when hitting the ball effectively and consistently:

A. Plane  When you take the club back, ensure that the line it is taken back on comes down on relatively the same line as when you move the club forward. Think of a clock pendulum. It travels on the same path, or plane, from left to right.

B. Tempo  Once again, think of a clock pendulum. The rate of the pendulum swing stays constant from left to right. In a golf swing, your backswing will be slower than your forward swing, but there should not be a significant deviation between the back and forward swing. The idea is to increase the fluidity of your swing and to sync the rate at which your hips and hands are driving through the golf ball. Taking the club back very slowly and swinging it violently forward makes it difficult for your body to be in sync when the club impacts the ball. This can actually decrease the distance you hit the ball.

C. Weight Shift – This is the hardest principle to grasp. Ever watched a softball pitcher? Note that when throwing the ball, softball pitchers typically swing their arm and shift their entire body (hips/shoulders) forward so that they are facing the batter upon releasing the pitch. The principle in golf is similar, but a little harder to grasp. Once again, it is ultimately syncing your hips and hands so that during the backswing, your weight is slightly over your right leg (if you are right-handed) and during the forward swing, your weight is transferred through your core to your left leg, with your shoulders and hips facing the target. An inconsistent tempo can make this harder to do, and an improper weight shift can undoubtedly affect the plane of the club.

Incorrect Positions

Incorrect – please review the following address and swing positions.  Typically, poor posture and grip are the driving force of poor performance in the swing!

Keep in mind that each swing and person is unique; each person should consult their instructor or golf course staff to adjust based on their build, gender, and strengths.


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