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4. Forehand & Backhand Clear


The clear shot is one of the most common strokes used in badminton to hit the birdie high and deep, preferably all the way to the end line. This should definitely be used if you need to earn some time to return to the center of the court by driving your opponent to the rear end of the court.

Forehand Clear

The purpose of the forehand clear is to force your opponent to the rear court. It can be used as both an offensive and defensive shot. Read the instructional tips below on how to perform the forehand clear:

  • Use a forehand grip and turn sideways with your non-racket foot forward
  • Draw the racket back high and early behind your shoulder
  • Contact the birdie at the highest point above your shoulder, while using the non-racket arm for counter balance
  • Rotate the shoulders and hips, while following through to the opposite side of body

Now, watch the VIDEO presented by Badminton, England to see it in action.

Backhand Clear

This is one of the toughest shots to play in badminton. Usually, the backhand clear is used to get a player out of trouble and the player is not in the position to play a forehand shot. However, the purpose is still the same, to force your opponent as far back as possible. Read the instructional tips below on how to perform the backhand clear:

  • Keep your grip loose
  • As the birdie passes over the non-dominant side, turn your
    body to face the rear court
  • Lunge and extend your racket arm in the direction of where the
    birdie is due to land
  • With the racket pointing up at the sky, make contact with the
    birdie at its highest point
  • Flick the wrist to produce more speed and power

Watch the VIDEO presented by Badminton England to see it in action.


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