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8. Application Assignments


  • Go to the Ramsey Center at least 1 time outside of class and play badminton with friends or a pickup game. Submit: picture in Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC)
  • If no one is available, occupy one of the courts and practice serving the shuttle, working on specific serves, practice various shots: (FREE, if you have the equipment). Submit: a picture (include the details of type of play and time) and a 1-paragraph reflection in Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC)
  • Organize a badminton tournament in which you invite your friends to compete (equipment can be borrowed from REC sports equipment check-out). Submit: a screenshot of the tournament schedule, picture of play, and a 1-paragraph reflection in Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC)


  • Participate in an Intramural or Club Team badminton practice/competition. Submit: a picture and screenshot of team roster in Application Assignment Dropbox (eLC)

Additional course-related opportunities need approval and can be proposed to the instructor.



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