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4. Attacking & Blocking


A spike is typically the third touch by a team: the player hits on top of the ball at the net and drives the ball quickly onto the opponent’s court. You cannot attack a serve. This offensive move often scores many points. To perform a spike, the player:

  • Watches the flight of the ball
  • Footwork:
    • right – left – right – left
    • Short – short – long – long
    • Slow – slow – fast
  • Knees bent and both arms extended backwards
  • Jump to contact the ball with hitting arm being in a bow and arrow
  • Contact ball with palm of hand and flick/snap wrist downwards

Watch the instructional video below on how to perform a spike.

Now familiarize yourself with different kinds of attacks:

  1. Regular spike- Full on swing for a spike.
  2. Dink- A light hit where the ball is hit lightly to an open spot on the court.
  3. Tip- Where the hitter hits the ball barely over the block so it drops behind the blocker.
  4. Down the Line- Where the ball is hit down a sideline.
  5. Cross Court- Where the ball is hit across the court to the opposite sideline.
  6. Push- The hitter pushes the ball with two hands to an open spot on the court or pushes the ball deep in the court or to a corner.
  7. Roll- The hitter rolls their hand over the ball and it spins slowly and low over the net.


During a block, the player on defense at the net tries to jump up and prevent the spike from resulting in a point for the opponent’s team. The player will jump high and try to contact the ball so it is returned to the opponent’s court. You cannot block a serve. To perform a block, the player:

  • Stands with feet shoulder width apart
  • Is an arm’s length from the net
  • Faces the target
  • Jumps to block the ball with hands

Covering the tip- If a blocker goes up to block a ball, and the hitter decides to tip it over their outstretched hands, someone has to cover the area where they might tip the ball.  Usually this is the player playing short in the back row or the person behind the blocker at the net.

Watch the instructional video below on how to perform a block.


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