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3. Grips

Knowing how to hold the tennis racket is a very important aspect of tennis. There are different grips to use depending on the type of shot you want to execute. There are four main types of tennis grips are: Continental, Eastern, Western, and Semi-Western.

Continental Grip

  • Is also known as the Chopper or Hammer grip.
  • This is most often used for serves, volleys, overheads, slices, and occasional defensive shots.

Eastern Grip

  • This can be used for both forehand and backhand shots, as a result the fast and flat shots.
  • When using the Eastern grip, you can switch to a Continental grip with ease.

Western Grip

  • This grip is not regularly used as it is difficult to sustain for a consistent amount of time.
  • However, it offers an individual the ability to apply significant top spin and create more speed on the ball.

Semi-Western Grip

  • This grip has increased in popularity in recent times, specifically for baseline players.
  • It enable an individual to produce both power and top spin, making it advantageous for anyone who can master it correctly.


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