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2. Basic Tips

Check out the science behind one of today’s best swimmers swimming stroke: Tyler Clary.

Here are some swimming TIPS to get started swimming for exercise:

  1. Circle swim: swim on the right side of the lane (like driving a car) to avoid too many people swimming in the lanes all at once.
  2. When you need to pass someone, tap their foot while they swim. If you have your foot tapped, stop at the next wall and let that person swim past you, then resume your swim.
  3. Do not ever dive into the shallow end of a pool.
  4. Swimming is about efficiency, not necessarily taking the fastest stroke or more strokes than the person next to you. You want to swim strongly – moving as much water possible with each stroke.
  5. Swimming is about your shape. Long, thin items like torpedoes move better through the water than short, bulky items like bricks. It is critical to maintain a long shape. Pushing off the wall you should have your arms and legs outstretched and together tightly. The arms should be at 12 o’clock and the legs should be at 6 o’clock. Your hands should rest on top of one another above your head. We call this position “streamline.” It is the form used before you begin your stroke.
  6. A “length” is from one end to the other, but a “lap” is down-and-back. So a 100 yd. swim in a 25 yd. pool is 4 lengths or 2 laps.

Check out USA Swimming’s website for more facts on swimming standards!


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